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it's been quite some time [Mar. 4th, 2005|09:17 pm]
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tons of nile updates. I'll make them in a couple posts:

Brought to you by Karl Sanders. And without further ado:

"New Album Update = Thursday , Dec 2

All the New Nile songs for the new record have been
"finished writing/arranging" for well over a week now-
except for the very last song - the big lumbering end of the world doom
apocalypse type Nile epic- which we finished Sunday nite.
From now until we enter the studio, we will be playing the songs over
and over , getting them insanely tight and full of Dark Evil Malevolennt Conviction. I can tell folks that so far , The band has really benefitted from all the long hours of rehearsal time we have put in every night with George - the drums are super locked down , which in turn allows Dallas and I and Jon to be cement tight - and I have not heard us sound this good in years.

Monday, George Dallas and I go down to start tracking drums with Neal Kernon and Bob Moore at the Soundlab . Jon will likely be joining us on weekends and evenings as his work schedule permits for drum tracking. We hope to have all the drum tracks finished by Dec 18th, when we will break for the holidays. The plan is then to reconvene in Columbia Jan 8th to track everything else, and then Mix at Rax Trax in Chicago.

Sat Dec 5

We just finished the Last rehearsal before the record ,
an everything is sounding really ready. We will rst on sunday ,
then pack up and head for the Soundlab in Columbia to start tracking drums.

Can't wait."